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Complexity of the user research worldwide

There are many factors that increase or decrease the complexity of performing research actions worldwide across regions. These factors will have impact on the quality, timings and results of the research. Let’s focus this approach by regions based on:

  • Language
  • Maturity of the region on research
  • Tools and agencies that can help with research and recruitment

If you are thinking about exploring other regions in order to expand your business, I suggest reading also designing for a multicultural website.

United States

It is a really easy region where we can test with users, they all have similar behaviours and cultural approach.


We will perform the tests in English.

Maturity of the region

Research in US is very common and have been performed for a long time. It facilitates the task of moderating sessions as well as getting sample of users quickly.

Tools and agencies that can help with research and recruitment

Most of the tools we find in the market are US business, some of them providing their own user participant panel to perform the tests.

We will also find many recruitment agencies that will provide individuals to be tested without any need of online tools.


Not easy place to research with users, there are many countries, multiple languages and few countries that are really used to have these kind of sessions.


English is the universal language to communicate but it doesn’t mean that we can perform a research in English everywhere. In EMEA there are few countries that population English level is high and spread enough. If we want to get quality results and have users comfortable when explaining themselves, we must test in the local language.

Maturity of the region

Netherlands, England and Germany are the most mature countries to perform a research easily with few effort from the moderator or the task designer. For the remaining countries, the recruitment timing will be longer and will require a good skilled moderator for getting the best results.

Tools and agencies that can help with research and recruitment

Most of the testing tools will be helpful in UK because of their English interface but not if you want to target non English spoken users. If you want to recruit participants, England and Germany will be the easiest countries to get participants from, because of their English spoken population as well as the maturity of the research actions within the population.

For the remaining countries, it is harder to find agencies that provide participants for a study without needing to pay for a full research service.


Depending on the country, the research can be easily performed in terms of timings. On the other hand, the cultural difference is huge comparing to the EMEA or US ones, so it will be more efficient to hire a local agency to perform the testing always leaded by someone that knows the product or at least that can guide them achieving the information you want.


Very localised per country, you will need to avoid English if you want to have quality responses from the most of population of each country.

Maturity of the region

Some countries like Japan are really mature and you can have results in a couple of weeks. Others will require more time for recruitment as well as a high level moderating skills.

Tools and agencies that can help with research and recruitment

I can not talk about this point as I have always hired a local agency to perform the recruitment and the testing sessions, always leaded and managed by me.

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