How to measure the quality of an idea or solution, conversion is not the unique way.

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Most of the companies measure their success according to the profit that should be earned by the end of the year. This means that each employee must help and push the product becoming better and better. In case of being a Product Manager or the one who must decide what is going to be developped or created, there must be some kind of indicator that will give some input of how the product is evolving to achieve the goal.

How should be measured a product

There are many ways of measuring a product, some of them are linked to websites but others are completely valid for any type of product. Let’s start by explaining different methods and some of their pros and cons.

AB Testing

  • Really good way of testing two or more solution for a problem or idea that has the same objective.
  • It must be running for some weeks and even months depending the quantity of users that have entered it and the quality of results.
  • Tests are expensive, not just for the tool we are using, the time tests are running and the impossibility of developping new features of tested parts during the tests can block the evolution of the product for a time.
  • We must create a detailed plan for goals, funnels, testing user objectives and create properly the test on the environanalyticsment

Google Analytics

  • Good way of tracking problems and user behavior of the product. We can detect problems, behaviours and improvements if we have it correctly configured.
  • It must be properly configured and stablished what to track, funnels, objectives and targets.
  • There is people specialized in analyzing this kind of data, configuring and optimizing it. It is not simple and easy and takes a lot of time if you want to do it in a good way.

User research and testing

  • It has a high cost on the beginning but the results will avoid wasting a lot of money once the project is in development.
  • The best way for retrieving users thoughts and behaviours. Results show the reality of users.
  • We can gather new features, ideas to improve and define the best user experience.
  • The planning, tests and the research must be driven and prepared by a qualified person


We shoud decide what kind of tracking are we going to stablish to achieve the goal of the enterprise. Here are

  • Testing A/B parts that we think that could have impact or we have doubts about and also critical parts. This will stop any changes for weeks in the tested items to avoid getting wrong results.
  • Invest time and effort in user research before starting proposing solutions, so we will be able to have different solutions for a problem, develop one of them, track the impact of it and be able to change quickly to improve. Meanwhile, we must be tracking on Google Analytics what we are interessed in to know if the solution is achieving the goal for which it was designed.


We should not be radical in thinking about testing everything or nothing at all. If we want to be agile, we can’t test each idea or element, because it won’t let us be agile. On the other side, we should have some indicators of how the product is evolving.

So, which is the best option? A balance between both ways of measuring, deciding what needs to be A/B tested and what needs just to be tracked on Analytics which will be able to make changes quickly to fix problems or to improve with new features.

There is another important point that must be taken in account before starting measuring like crazy. Have qualified and expert people that will assure a good configuration of tests, tracks and results.

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