More than 12 years of experience growing startups and multi-billion dollar business and products. With background in User eXperience & Research, Product & Project management and technical skills, collaborate X-functionally to grow business with a global 360 vision.

Growing business to me is based in solving real customer problems and making data-driven decisions. For this purpose, I always look for validating solutions with quantitative and qualitative data as well as providing different stakeholders the vision and insights needed to make quality data-driven decisions.

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More than 12 years working in solving problems in different areas such as development, design and product strategy gave me the vision on balancing business goals with development requirements in order to provide the best user centric adapted solutions.

Always looking for a collaborative working model involving X-functional stakeholders to create the best informed solution possible for the end user in order to succeed.

I'm fan of lean methodologies and experimenting cheap and quickly new ideas looking for the best solution that will make the difference to business.



New ideas, areas to be explored... no matter if it is an startup or a big company, business moves on and each new idea or business stream can be a success or failure.

Working in startups as well as international big companies along with my skillset and experience, allowed me validate different types of ideas, which have lead into new business lines as well as setting up short/mid/long term roadmap.


strategic & user

As part of my UX background, I have specialised in planning and running User Research worldwide (APAC, LATAM, US, EMEA) for startups and billion dollar companies.

Applying the most adequate techniques myself as well as partnering with 3rd party agencies, I've been able to run worldwide bigger foundational researches as well as hypothesis validation along with the product team in bi-weekly Sprint cadency.

Work experience



12/2020 - 02/2022

Bilbao - San Francisco - London -Madrid 

Senior product manager

Leading a team of more than 25 people of Developers (web, iOS, Android), Data Scientist, Data Analysts & UX, as well as coordinating and working along with Business, other squads (warehouse, payments...) and Stakeholders, brought into production a new MVP product built from scratch with the goal of scaling current human process to an automatized system.

We created different algorithms and machine learning models, as well as a complete new UX experience validated with customers as well as a complete definition of metrics and KPI’s to measure the performance.



11/2016 - 12/2020

Bilbao - San Francisco - London -Madrid 

Senior product designer & user research MANAGER

Stubhub is a +5billion marketplace operating worldwide owned by ebay. I lead User Research in all Non US regions (LatAM, EMEA, APAC) as well as running different researches in US. Also worked with Business, Product, Data Analysts and other UX Designers on growing  B2C and C2C products.


Uxer school


Bilbao (Spain)

Mentor and Coach

UXer School is a company focused on education on UX based in Spain. I participated mentoring students in the theory part as well as in the project they needed to do. Additionally I participated as speaker in different conferences.



08/2014 - 11/2016

Bilbao - Madrid (Spain)

product designer & user researcher

Ticketbis is a Startup operating in more than 45 countries in the world. I lead the creation of different experiences and solutions for different B2C and B2B product areas. Working with Product Managers, Data Analysts and other UX Designers, run different researches and created different solutions that lead the growth of the business.


07/2011 - 08/2014

Bilbao (Spain)

Ux designer & developer

Solmicro is a Software development company, being an ERP as the core business, has a R&D area which creates Digital solutions to multiple business areas like healthcare, winery... I worked developing different projects, working closely with the UI designers and PM's. I partnered in defining the UX and executed different user researches on the projects.


Ulma handling systems

01/2011 - 08/2011

Oñati (Spain) - France

Senior product designer & user researcher

ULMA Handling Systems creates physical components for automatic storage as well as the software for the storage logic. I worked on the UI development as well as the logic behind, deployment on client’s factory and managing users needs.


Panda security

11/2009 - 07/2010

Bilbao (Spain)

UX designer

Panda Security is an digital security software development company. I worked in multiple B2B, C2C and innovation projects. Improved current antivirus for companies as well as new business streams such as new cloud security systems experience and virtual interactive security networks.


For more information, let's have a chat as most of the projects are not open to share publicly

AI & Machine learning created looks Marketplace

With a team of Developers (web, iOS, Android), Data Scientist, Data Analysts & UX as well as different Stakeholders, brought into production a new MVP product built from scratch with the goal of scaling current human process to an automatized system by using AI and Machine Learning Models validating it with customers and different metrics.

C2C marketplace browse experience

Working with Product, UX, Business and Data Analysts, worked with the goal of increasing conversion on C2C buy flow. Lead the User Research and worked closely on Experimentation framework with the entire team.

Research on experimentation framework

Adapt user research methodologies adapting to Experimentation framework with a bi-weekly cadency outcome deliverables.

Business strategy research

Planned and executed a research study for LT that lead and influenced entire year roadmap, with the result of increase Conversion and the experience

b2c tool improvement

Executed multiple researches, interviewing users in different countries in Europe, providing more than 100 actionable items to improve metrics on the use of the B2C tool

Stubhub moments app concept

Winners of an internal challenge looking for the best innovative ideas that will boost the business. We worked all the UX team together on the idea.

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