Business mindset, user centric approach, always looking for new opportunities with positive attitude

Asier Suarez

UX – User Research – Strategy – Product Designer.

I have a Computer Science Engineering background and a Master on Human Computer Interaction and more than 12 years of professional expertise in:

  • Development (Front and back)
  • UX design
  • User Research
  • Product design.

With worldwide experience projects in LATAM, APAC, EMEA and US, I am very fan of Lean UX, experimentation and quick development.


I am based in Bilbao (Spain), with the possibility of travelling periodically. Regarding to my studies, I have a Master in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) made in L’École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile in Toulouse (France).

Asier Suarez

How can I help you?

Product design

Product Design

Working together with Product, development and design, my main goal is to design the most adapted experience for the users. Getting users involved from very initial phases, researching, testing artifacts and prototypes and defining journeys.

The outcome from this process will be:

  1. Product & Users: Quick and testable artifacts to be validated by users in order to iterate or discard quickly. This will improve the user experience and increase the success of solutions to be developped.
  2. Business & product: Provide new opportunities to the business and help to prioritise  the product backlog as well as filling it with the insights from the users. This will help product and business to drive into success by being one step ahead from competitors and focus on investing the effort in what users need.
  3. BusinessFocus on business priorities to drive and balance the expectations in order to increase GMS and achieve the KPI’s.

Lean UX

Lean Methodologies

In order to work in an agile, test & learn methodology during the UX and design process, I will set up an adapted methodology for UX and design process, working along with Product Management, development and business. There will be set different KPI’s, a cadence for deliverables and strong structure of user research, interaction design and visual design. Lean UX methodology will allow:

  1. Quick experimentation to validate or dismiss hypothesis and solutions rapidly, cheap and efficiently with users.
  2. Get main stakeholders involved into the process in order to provide visibility and be enable to get different inputs 
  3. Set KPI’s to measure outcome, efficiency and fit business expectations and needs.

Having an adequate methodology adapted to the reality and needs of the company will boost productivity and results. It will also increase happiness inside the teams as they will be working in an organised and structured way not only in the UX and design process but also with the stakeholders.


UX methodology
Product definition
Data analysis and understanding
Worldwide projects
Wireframing and prototyping
Visual Design


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C1 Level
C1 Level